Collection: At Home Paint Kit

Paint a masterpiece in the comfort of your own home

Join Ron, as he shows you how to create your very own Rock Star masterpiece step-by-step! No need to be descended from Picasso for this class. Ron has developed a unique technique to ensure your painting comes out looking exactly like his. A signature Rock Star Paint Kit includes: Alpha 6 paint, a Rock Star silkscreened canvas, a detailed video instructional, and more.

Before & After

Haven't picked up a paintbrush since Elementary School? No Problem! Ron's easy-to-follow instructional will take your plain silk-screened canvas and turn it into a beautiful and vibrant Rock Star portrait. It's time to turn the volume up and experience the thrill of painting!and quality canvases will bring your Rock Star masterpiece to life.

  • Bowie

  • Jerry

  • John

  • Mick

  • Head

  • Sammy

  • Slash